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Decorative outdoor lighting - Ways to accent!

Decorative outdoor lighting - When the fun of decorating your home has worn off, it's time to head outdoors. With the trend in building outdoor rooms and a desire to spend more time outdoors on the patio or by the pool, the backyard has become a breeding ground for introducing the same comforts and style outside as enjoyed inside. If you are trying to figure out how to illuminate the garden better to display and highlight beautiful sculptures or trees at night, or to define the deck railing, decorative lighting is for you.

There's no need to experience the blahs here. Decorative outdoor fixtures can be beautifully crafted and suit outdoor decorating styles such as: contemporary, arts and crafts/mission and rustic from top lighting designers like Kichler, Arroyo Craftsman, Progress, and Hinkely Lighting.

With a decorators touch and no installation required you can position decorative solar outdoor lighting anywhere you see fit. Try a number of decorative solar pathlight fixtures to softly illuminate a garden path at night.

Another easy approach to decorating the outside with lights is to hang string lighting around and enjoy interestingly lit patterns.

Rope lighting is another functional decorative lighting idea; coming in many colors with flashing and non flashing light patterns you can run the rope along stairs, deck railings or to define a raised planter.

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