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A crystal chandelier will add sparkle and luxury to your home lighting

A Crystal Chandelier will Add Sparkle and Luxury to Your Home Lighting

Timeless and sparkling -- a crystal chandelier traces history back to its mid 17th century roots when only royalty and nobility could afford such luxurious lighting. Decoration and elegance followed the shimmering fixture into the Baroque and neo-classical era. Today, it continued to redefine itself with current fashions, trends and ideals.

Hanging a crystal accented chandelier in just about any room of your home will add ornamentation and elegance. As with all home lighting you want to choose just the right fixture for your space.

Here is our recommendation:

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Opt for small crystal chandeliers or "mini" light fixtures for tiny powder room. Choose petite chandeliers in widths less then 12." These fixtures will create stylish intimacy to small rooms - even alcoves and corner spaces. General prices range from $100 - $400.

As for home décor, it's all about matching the right style chandelier to your decorating style. However, American lighting and style is very eclectic and matching appropriately styled lighting to the period of the room is a personal choice.

Select a glass accented light fixture from Kathy Ireland lighting consisting of French country chandeliers with crystal accents. Also, take a look at James Moder and Schonbek from the merchants above.

Swarovski chandelier

Choose from the finest chandeliers on the market: a Schonbek chandelier made from Swarovski crystal. These sparkling fixtures will create a focal point evoking a magical intimacy and romantic feel.

Other popular crystal styles:

Contemporary lighting - Look for clean and simple design.

Antique lighting - Select from Baroque or Neo-Classical for exquisite lighting. Or, look for chandeliers with colored crystals like smokey quartz, and amethyst. These offer an antique feel.

Rock Crystal chandelier - You can easily find faux rock crystal chandeliers. However, authentic ones aren't used as much since crystal glass manufacturing methods were invented. Typically used in custom designs and specialty lighting fixtures.

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