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An Italian chandelier with Murano glass adds beauty and character to your home

An Italian chandelier with Murano glass adds beauty and character to your home

Italian chandelier - select an Italian light fixture made with Murano glass to enhance your interior space with the ornamentation, finishes and style that suit your home decor. Popular choices are Tuscan style Italian chandeliers which echo the Italian countryside where styles are casual, relaxed and warm.

If you are looking for an Italian fixture to match your antique lighting or contemporary lighting, there are many fixtures available online.

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Murano Glass Chandeliers

I found more than one terrific antique Italian lighting fixture made by Azores of perfect proportion and exquisite detailing. One fixture in particular was a Murano chandelier, with beautiful amber antique crystals.

On the Internet, you can also find an Italian or Venetian chandelier for contemporary, traditional, and antique lighting.

Italian light fixtures made with Murano glass

An Italian fixture made with Murano glass means that the glass of your light fixture has been made by the best glass artists using traditional methods which have been passed down from master to apprentice for 1000 years.

The glass in a Murano chandelier may include:

  • glass chandelier lamp shades in colors & textures such as: marbleized, frosted, gold and silver
  • colored or partly opaque glass
  • glass finely shaped into flowers
  • crystals - both colored and clear

Selecting an Italian fixture with fine quality glass like that used in a Murano or Venetian chandelier offers timeless beauty and admiration.

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