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Tiffany light fixture

A Tiffany chandelier offers you a timeless piece of spectacular stained glass lighting

Tiffany chandelier - looking for a particular style of Tiffany lighting fixture to illuminate, add artistic touch or be a focal point in a particular room of your home? There are several top designers of Tiffany light fixtures to suit your home and home lighting style.

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Discount Tiffany Chandeliers
(Meyda Tiffany, Robert Louis Tiffany, Dale Tiffany, Quoizal, Kichler and more)

Meyda Tiffany

You can select online from an array of Tiffany stained glass chandeliers, like the stylish tiffany basket weave and bowl chandeliers by Robert Louis Tiffany at Lamps Plus, or, the exquisite tiffany floral motifs so beautifully reproduced by Meyda Tiffany.

Most popular tiffany light fixtures bought today are reproductions, costing a fraction, compared to an original, signed, Tiffany Studio lamp starting at $70,000.

With a well made reproduction Tiffany light fixture you will benefit with a similarly beautiful design as when the master craftsman, Louis Comfort Tiffany, invented glass art using his colored glass and copper foil method, nearly a century ago.

Selecting a Tiffany style chandelier for your home décor:

VICTORIAN - Choose from a floral glass Tiffany glass lamp to the very stylish basket weave or stained glass lighting - all chandeliers lend themselves beautifully to Victorian style décor and will illuminate a magical brilliance reminiscent of what the founder Louis Comfort Tiffany created with his original Tiffany lighting in the late 19th early 20th century.

ARTS & CRAFTS/MISSION - Choose the perfect tiffany arts and crafts chandelier for your home from a stunning selection of great lighting choices available. Select from the numerous Mission inspired chandeliers with angular, sharp lines and inspirational color schemes to the stylish pendant lighting popular in interior design today. Arts and crafts lighting and Craftsman lighting also looks great in Bungalow and Craftsman style homes. And, if you like Kichler lighting, they produce several popular Tiffany art nouveaux chandeliers.

CONTEMPORARY - Look for a Tiffany contemporary chandelier to match your contemporary interior such as one that provides sculptural interest and clean lines. If you are considering Tiffany lighting for your pool room, you can select pool table lighting.

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