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Wrought Iron Sconces - Review

Wrought iron sconces offer widespread decorative appeal. Part of the reason is the metal; the other reason is what the metal can do. In lighting design, top Vermont manufacturer Hubbardton Forge, crafts hand-forged wrought iron sconces. There are many styles to choose from. So these sconces can be hung in just about any decorating style from contemporary to rustic.

Why the range in light fixture styles?

There is a range in style because iron is malleable and can be forged into many interesting patterns. On some sconces the wrought iron is worked into ornate patterns, like a scroll; and in others, the iron exhibits clean lines. This last type appeals to mid-century modern and contemporary decor.

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About wrought iron sconces:

What makes a wall sconce unique is its' style and materials. Finishes that coat the sconce add a personal touch and capture the eye. Wrought iron sconce finishes can include: natural iron, bronze, black, mahogany and dark smoke.

Another decorative touch is the lamp shade. Popular choices are glass lamp shades made with either smooth glass, safra glass or stone glass.

The material, iron, is a favorite of many designers (like Hubbardton Forge) mostly because of its' inherent strength and malleability.

According to architect, Joe Ray-Barreau, "sconces add an immediate sense of style."

Lighting wise, iron fixtures makes a strong focal point in any room. Outside the home, sconces also hold court. These fixtures tend to carry old world appeal, yet are available in many styles including, arts and crafts.

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