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Hinkley Outdoor Lighting - Combining Dark Star, Energy Star with Gorgeous Style!

Hinkley Outdoor Lighting - Hinkley has been in the lighting business, manufacturing fixtures for over 4-generations. Their outdoor lighting collection is growing, and on the market you can find a full selection of lanterns, path lights, uplights and also deck and stair lighting.

Hinkley outdoor lighting fixtures, though offering incredible style and selection, also offer the energy conscious consumer, a complete range of energy-efficient exterior lighting with classifications that include: Dark Star (DS), Energy Star (EST) and more.

Though Hinkley's outdoor lighting is as yet not solar, many of their path lighting, uplights, and deck lights use 12 volt, low voltage lighting that is easy to install, safe and low energy using. Hinkley also sells their own transformers to convert 120 volt current to 12 volt current.

Hinkley Lighting's outdoor lanterns that mount/hang from the house are 120volt, and this is very typical at this point.

About Hinkley Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and Style:

Hinkley Pathway Lights - All are 12volt. Materials include: cast aluminum, brass and copper. Note: Pathlights have varying light spreads, typically from 8 to 12 feet. Also, some fixtures have adjustable heads for path lighting as well as wall washing.

Hinkley Uplight Fixtures - Finishes include: black, bronze, black and copper. Materials include: brass and die-cast aluminum. Both 12 and 120 volt fixtures are available.

Deck and Step Lighting - Lamp fixtures include: southern clay, verde, bronze, copper, matte, white, and black. Material is die-cast-aluminum. Both 12 and 120 volt landscape lights are available.

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