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Floor Lamps - Decorative solution to add more light!

Floor lamps
- Defined as a tall lamp with a base that stands on the floor, a floor lamp can be plugged into any room in your home. Lamps for floor areas provide a functional and ambient glow, as well as being decorative fixtures that enhance home décor. For task and accent lighting, lamps for floor areas can provide a necessary illuminating light source: even if it is just an intimate nook that requires additional lighting.

Style-wise, consider buying a mica floor lamp for craftsman styling... for mission or victorian styling consider going with Tiffany or stained glass.

Popular Floor Lamps by Type and Brand:

By light type:

1) Halogen
2) Natural light
3) Flourescent
4) Full Spectrum

By brand:


By function:

Swing arm

Floor fixture lamp options

Just like table lamps, flooring lamps can be added to any room of the house. You can buy matching contemporary, Tiffany or antique style table and floor fixture lamps for a smooth, unified look or buy floor area lamps separately. As floor type lamps can illuminate light in several directions, select one that best suits your home lighting needs. For example, soft, diffuse light cast through a lamp shade or wall sconce is an excellent choice for all-round general lighting. Torchiere lamps that throw light down towards the floor are good for illuminating table tops, art pieces or other wall decorations. For soft, general light, a halogen torchiere is perfect: positioned on the floor in a room corner or entry space, it can add a warm glow.

The importance of having enough light

Good and adequate lighting is important! Studies suggest that as we get older, our eyes demand more light to read by, people in their 60's need 80% more light for reading than people in their 20's -so don't skimp on adding lamps. Floor reading lamps with gooseneck adjustable fixture arms can be very handy. If you want less light? The floor fixture generally will include a full-range dimmer, making it perfect for a variety of lighting tasks.

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