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Solar Stepping Stones - Create a Safely Illuminated Path your Neighbors will Envy!

If you're tired of tripping in your garden at night, add some light, by installing a handful of solar stepping stones to keep you and others safe.

Solar lighted stepping stones are generally made from resin plastic which is tough as nails and weather resistant. The benefit of adding solar powered stepping stones is that these illuminated stones provide a visible pathway in areas where you don't have electricity. And, even if you do have electrical power, solar walkway stones offer you an easy installation and no messy wires. Note: LED lights are usually located within the center of these paving stones.

What Kinds of Solar Stepping Stones are Available?

Most illuminated stepping stones are made from a durable poly resin or a poly resin and fiberglass mix, making them strong and able to support considerable weight. Some are tagged to support weight up to 250 to 350 pounds. If weight is an issue, be sure to check with the manufacturer before buying.

There are also natural slate stepping stones available; these sometimes cost a little more.

For something different, or for the sports enthusiast in your life, they make stepping stones with football and baseball team logos that will light up at night. Other fun themes are also available.. If you are looking for a particular shape, the most common ones are round, square and rectangular.

Where to use Solar Lighted Pavers?

Made with amber or bright white LED Bulbs for lighting, these stepping stones can be installed in: grass, soil or cement.

How much do they Cost and how are they Sold?

If you are looking for the most affordable option and plan on buying more than one paver, save yourself money by buying a pack, (this usually includes 2 or 3 pavers.)

However, you can also buy them individually. Cost for one solar paver ranges from $25 to $60. A set of three can cost you around $65.

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