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New chandelier shades! Great bang for your home lighting buck

New chandelier shades! Great bang for your home lighting buck

Chandelier Shades

Will your light fixture look made over and stylish when you add new chandelier shades? Absolutely! By purchasing new chandelier lamp shades, you can give a fresh facelift to an existing chandelier without having to purchase one that is brand new.

We recommend you take a look at the many styles, colors, fabrics and sizes of chandelier lamp shades offered at Lamps Plus online. For styles, you can choose from silk chandelier shades, beaded chandelier shades as well as: pleated, embroidered, faux leather, paper, Victorian, traditional, tropical and much more.

As for finding the right size shades, you can select from size options which include: Height, Top Width, and Bottom Width, making it easy for you to shop for mini chandelier shades or large lamp shades.

If you've never bought chandelier shades before, then you might not have thought about how they will fit onto your light fixture. Be sure to select only CLIP ON shades, as these are fitted specifically for chandeliers.

Chandelier Shades

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Chandelier lamp shades

Style: You don't have to buy the same old chandelier shades. Have them blend in with your room's decor or boldly stand out, depending on the statement you want to make.
SILK - look great in intimate bedroom settings and formal rooms.
TEXTURED - These include linen and parchment, and, are great for casual and rustic lighting, looking especially good in a den or family room.
BEADED - A new trend of crystal beaded trim will add sparkle and brightness to your room.

See a sample of the variety of shades available at Lamp's Plus below:

What Type Of Fitting Do You Need?

  • 1. Clip-On
    Common for smaller accent lamps and chandeliers. The shade clips directly onto the light bulb so you won't need any additional hardware.
  • 2. Spider With Harp
    This is the most common type of fitting for table and floor lamp shades. Check to see that the correct sized harp is included in the purchase of the shade.
  • 3. Uno
    Common to smaller table lamps. The shade attaches directly to the lamp socket and noharp is needed. The wire fitting is permanently attached to the shade.

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