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Outdoor Lighting - Showcase your Home at Night!

Outdoor lighting

A great way to showcase your home at night and to create security is through landscape lighting. The yard doesn't have to be minimally lit nor blasted with harsh light. Security lighting helps prevent vandalism and crime and lets you see what's going on.

Try motion detectors and infrared sensors to deter intruders as well as provide security light when you need it. Add decorative fixtures outside to accent a particular object or area, and create mood lighting by choosing fixtures that create uplighting, downlighting and backlighting.

Want lighting that costs less and is energy-efficient? Learn more and see what's new in low voltage and solar lighting, (see below).

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What's Available?

Finding your way through the world of outside lighting can be daunting, let's simplify.

Before you decide what fixtures you're going to use outside, you'll need to have an energy source.

The 4-most commonly used sources of power for residential exterior lighting are:

1) Solar lights
2) Low voltage, 12volt current
3) Line voltage, 120volt current
4) Gas lamps

Solar Lighting:

Without the need for a transformer, wire, or cables, solar lights are the easiest of all outdoor lights to install. They have also gotten much better in recent years and now provide brighter illumination and dependability. Because LED bulb technology continues to improve, you will find growing selection in this niche.

Here are a few of our favorite solar fixtures:

Solar stepping stones

Solar flood/spot lights

Low Voltage (12 Volts):

For the landscape low voltage fixtures can beautifully illuminate the garden at night.

Low voltage lighting is energy efficient and you can find a complete selection, including: pathlights, area lights, spotlights, floodlights, well lights, step lights, deck and patio lights, hanging lights and barbeque lights.

Shopping for quality low voltage fixtures? Choose from brands: Arroyo Craftsman, Focus, Hinkley, Hadco, Unique, Nightscaping, FX Luminaire and Kichler. Stay away from Malibu fixtures you'll end up replacing them.

Line Voltage (120 Volts)

Many outdoor lighting fixtures for the front of the home, and the home in general, run on 120 volt currents.

Popular lighting manufacturers: Arroyo Craftsman, Kichler, Hinkley, Progress, (along with many others) produce decorative post and wall mount lanterns, exterior pendants, sconces, and outdoor ceiling fixtures. These fixtures are designed to illuminate the front porch, walkway and entrance to your house.

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