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Rope lighting! Add something different to your home décor

Rope lighting! Add something different to your home décor

While you may be wondering, what exactly is rope lighting? It's just as the name implies, accent lights spaced approximately 1-inch apart and contained in a shell of tubing. Rope lighting isn't designed for task but makes an excellent accentuation to furnishings and details in your home.

Rope lighting is fun! For home lighting you can use it to: surround windows, light up staircases, go around cabinets, ceilings, and hand rails, whatever you want highlight. That's the best part. Oh, and you can also take your rope lighting outdoors. You can detail decks, garden paths, stairs, and much more.

But first, what do rope lights look like? You should take a look online for this one. There are a number of online light stores that sell them. Styles available include assorted colors and patterns and choices include light streams that blink in various ways to those cords with steady light.

For convenience, rope lighting can be bought as kits with general coil lengths from 30 to 50 feet, a 120 volt power cord connector, and a handful of clips for securing the ropes in place. Splice fittings are also included for connecting two or more ropes together.

Of course, there are other rope light options available too, such as buying the coil and necessary parts separately.

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