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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting - A Smart Choice for your Backyard!

Low voltage landscape lighting - When outdoor lighting trends catch on, people become interested. This is what has happened with low voltage outdoor lighting systems. It seems years back, residential outdoor lighting was mostly line voltage, and hardly anyone knew about low voltage. Today, however, this type of landscape illumination is popular, and can enhance both decorative and functional outdoor lighting: you can show off and highlight favorite plants, trees and sculpture as well as light up for safety around pathways, stairs and circulation routes.

Why a low voltage system is for you?

For one, they are safe and easy to install - there is no risk of injury from electric shock - and light system fixtures and components can be installed in a few hours. Unlike 120-volt line landscape lighting, these cables don't need to be buried deep underground: this offers maximum flexibility. If you have a newly planted backyard garden, you can move the fixtures around and adjust the light effects on plants as they mature.

Additional benefits include: enhancing the beauty of your landscape at night; creating safe night time surroundings; and discouraging intruders. With an emphasis on energy conservation, adding these types of fixtures will save you money by lowering your electric bills. How? By reducing the 120-volt current of a normal electrical line to a harmless, more economical 12-volt current.

Looking to buy

For a wide selection of low voltage transformers, cables and lamp fixtures at affordable prices shop online. If you're shopping with quality in mind, buy fixtures from brands such as Hinkley, Kichler, Focus, Arroyo Craftsman, Unique and Rockscapes. Stay away from lesser quality fixtures like Malibu landscape lighting - not a good long term investment.

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