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Waterford lighting

Waterford Chandelier - Crystal Fixtures of Unsurpassed Beauty!

Waterford chandelier -If you are looking for top of the line crystal lighting a Waterford crystal chandelier is a great way to go. Keep in mind the price tag because Waterford chandeliers can set you back some, but then again what do you expect from the Ferrari of crystal chandeliers.

The Waterford Brand

Buying a Waterford anything, is a brand people know, and associate with fine quality. A Waterford light fixture is no different especially an elegant chandelier. Don't fret, there's a price range for everyone here. But they are crystal fixtures after all! Expect to pay anywhere from $880 to $25,000. For the $880 take a look at the Waterford Crystal Hospitality 3 arm fixture (this fixture is a 3 Arm chandelier with a polished brass finish and candelabra sockets, weight: 25 lbs, size: 28 inches high and 20 inches wide, and takes up to 60 watt bulbs.) For several Waterford pendants within the $1,000 to $2,000 price range take a look at the Waterford Georgetown, the Waterford Slieve Russel and the Lismore 5 and 6 arm Chandeliers. Where money is no object, take a look at a more expensive Waterford fixture such as the $18,000 Waterford crystal C18. This lighting fixture is a beautiful and elegant double tiered fixture designed with a traditional centered column with canopy, bobeches and accented with prisms. On the grand C18 Waterford chandelier, the 12" center bowl houses three candelabra sockets, plus, 18 candelabra sockets on the arms. The Waterford Crystal C18 chandelier is 49" high, 48" wide, weighs 115lbs and takes up to 40 watt bulbs.

Where to buy Waterford lighting?

To shop for Waterford crystal and light fixtures online take a look at retailers that are authorized Waterford dealers. We like Bestcrystal.com. Also take a look at Waterford's website. If you are looking for a Waterford crystal glass chandelier locally you might want to take a look at the department stores.

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