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Chandelier crystal components- the quality reflect the price!

Chandelier crystal components- the quality reflect the price!

Chandelier crystal components and their quality are the major cost reflected in the price of your light fixture. Below is a list of the many types of chandelier crystal grades to make it easier for you to decide what grade glass you are looking for; or to learn more about the type of crystal components within a lighting fixture you own-- or are soon to purchase.

Types of chandelier crystal

Strass Crystal- Finest crystal in the world and is manufactured by Swarovki in the Austrian Alps. It is machine cut, polished includes razor sharp faceting to achieve perfect optical clarity and unique purity and brilliance. Lead content in excess of 30%. An invisible coating makes Strass crystal easier to clean. Components used in making Swarovski crystal chandelier.

Swarovski Spectra Crystal- This crystal grade offers a high degree of brilliance at an attractive price. This crystal is just like Strass but without the optical coating. (AQ- Alternate Quality Crystal) Component used in making Swarovski crystal chadelier.

Gemcut Crystal- Top quality, machine-cut crystal of a clarity and flawlessness beyond industry standards. It is characterized by prismatic brilliance, visual purity, sharp faceting and precise polishing. (Egyptian / Moroccan crystal)

Heritage Handcut- The methods of producing this type of crystal date back centuries. The labor intensive process includes: cutting crystal first by hand in two stages on iron and then sandstone grinding wheels. Each crystal is then polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. (Turkish crystal)

Legacy Venetian Crystal- This crystal comes from the historic glass-making region around Venice. Venetian crystal is molded & fire-polished rather that cut, which results in subtle luminosity rather than fiery brilliance. Interior designers often prefer the antique look of Venetian crystal. (Italian crystal)

Chinese Crystal- Mass produced - this entry level crystal is modestly priced. It is cut and polished like more expensive grades, but lacks the optical quality and precision of facets. Good if you are looking for high value and more for less.

Rock Crystal- Not real crystal glass- crystal rock is mined not manufactured. It can't be mass produced. Each rock crystal is completely unique, created by geological events and pressures taking place over millions of years. Authentic rock crystal bears a unique mark from this process, and can be identified by visual appearance and touch.

Some shapes of chandelier crystal include: diamond, icicle, spear, pear & octagonal.

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