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Lava Lamps - Review

Lava lamps are back in style and motion! These inexpensive lamps provide a fun way to accent light a college dorm room. They are also popular with kids and teenagers, and can really liven up the bedroom.

What types of lava lamps are available? You'll find them as table lamps, torchieres and even 2-arm lamps. But still the most common is the traditional glass globe filled with colored liquid that moves and swirls around creating interesting patterns. How much do they cost? Prices range from $20 to $100.

Though the lava lamp is a favorite of the demographic mentioned, it is also taking hold in home decorating. In particular, lava torchieres with names like "Volcano Motion".

Why buy a lava lamp?

Did you know that lava lamps are good Feng Shui stimulators and that they introduce "Yang" energy with a combination of water, movement and light. Take a look at www.fengshui-ci.co.uk for more information about this topic.

They also provide wonderful accent lighting in the right room, and people love to watch the pink, blue and purple lava-liquid swirl.

Lava lamps: history

Originating in the 60's as the Astro Lamp, by Edward Craven-Walker, of England, the name soon became changed when two Americans bought the rights to the lamp and called it instead: The Lava Brand Motion Lamp. Today, these retro light fixtures are enjoying a come back.

Other funky fixtures from the 50's and 60's? amoeba, starburst and atomic lamps. These lamps were the result of the post WW2 mixing of science, new materials and production techniques. This included the lava table lamp.

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