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Antler Lamps and Lighting for the Cabin

Looking for a way to decorate your cabin? Antler lamps and chandeliers are definitely worth considering; they can complement rustic décor and be used to illuminate one or several rooms. Deer and elk antler reproduction lamps are available at many home lighting stores. These lighting fixtures can be purchased for $100 and up. More expensive are the authentic animal antlers which are attached to the lamp shade and serve as a rustic decorative base. These fixtures tend to be quite a bit more expensive, but if you are looking for the real thing, there are some very nice choices.

What to look for

First of all, there are both antler table lamps and floor lamps available. Of the two, you may choose to go only with a floor lamp. You can also buy one of each or several. Why? Because when aesthetically placed, these fixtures add a decorative element to the space; even if the light is off. Consider the decorative effects the lamp will offer, and choose fixtures that will enhance the overall décor and feel of your particular room.

When shopping, look for lamp shades in either faux or genuine leather. Some lamps come with rawhide, parchment or painted shades. If you are looking for additional antler themed pieces; look for antler candelabras and sconces. Other nice choices include: antler wine racks, clocks, bowls, magazine racks, picture frames and more.

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