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Which Lamp should I choose?

Lamps offer an inexpensive way to add accent lighting to any room.

Looking to enhance your home decor on a budget? Adding lamps to any room is one option. You can find floor and table lamps starting at just $25 - $100, making this a very cost effective solution. Styles are limitless. The toughest part of the room upgrade might be making a decision on which one your want.

Track lighting and floor lamps are popular in contemporary design. You can choose from a multitude of bold colors to not only backlight an area of your room, but to also add a splash of color, too.

Size does matter.

Make sure you are not buying a floor or table lamp that is way too oversized for the space you are adding it to. Your new piece should add to the room's decor as well as brighten up the room with additional light, not completely take over your living or bedroom. The good news is that most online retailers have great return policies should you end up with some behemoth object that takes over the house.

Don't overlook the importance of the right shade

Most lampshades come in light colors but a darker shade might be the better choice for your room, giving off a more warm and cozy light. If, per chance, you come across the table lamp you must have but don't love the lamp shade, there are plenty of replacement choices online. And, again, be conservative with the size. You can also update your lamp shades from time to time as another example of how to inexpensively update your room's decor.

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