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Cabana Joe - buy inspirational tropical themed lighting for your home at affordable prices!

Cabana Joe - Buy inspirational tropical themed lighting for your home at affordable prices!

Cabana Joe

If you are looking to buy casual lighting with tropical themes and motifs, Cabana Joe lighting is for you. Cabana Joe lighting was developed by designer Joe O'brien, a surfer who was drawn towards the laid back beach lifestyle of places like: the South Seas Islands, Southern California and the Florida Keys. Cabana Joe's lighting products include: table and floor lamps, chandeliers and torchieres.

Cabana Joe and more tropical lighting

Cabana Joe light fixtures include rattan lamp shades and faux bamboo

If you are looking to buy Cabana Joe tropical light fixtures, a great source is Amazon.com (listed above). You can also surf the Internet and compare prices of Cabana Joe fixtures.

At Amazon, a great supplier of Cabana Joe light fixtures, we found around 35 light fixtures. Prices were very affordable, with a Cabana Joe Festive Palm Tree Light lamp priced at $89.99; and Parrot table lamp with rattan shades for $110. For more money, we found the Cabana Joe Pineapple chandelier which includes 6 lights with bamboo shades for $400.

The tropical motif elements you may find with cabana joe's home lighting product include: parrots, pineapples, bamboo, tropical leaf, palm tree, surfboard, tiki totem and more!

You can frind more information and this and other lighting products on our lighting manufacturers review page.

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