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Pineapple chandelier- buy a light fixture that adds "welcome" and a bit of tropical decor to your home!

Pineapple chandelier- Buy a light fixture that adds "welcome" and a bit of tropical decor to your home!

Pineapple chandelier

Buying a pineapple light fixture mixes well with tropical style decor and symbolizes "welcome." Not bad when you're trying to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere in your home. Pineapple light fixtures and chandeliers mix well with other home decorating motifs such as: monkey, and monkey chandeliers, pomegranates, palm trees, and other tropical elements.

You can buy a pineapple style chandelier online, many Internet retailers carry this popular type of fixture. We found several pineapple light fixtures and chandeliers at Lamps Plus by Kathy Ireland and Cabana Joe. Kathy Irelands chandelier with pineapple included a 6 light fixture with wicker chandelier lamp shades; Cabana Joe's chandelier with pineapple design included bamboo lampshades. Both pineapple fixtures cost $400, and could be hung in any room.

For more money and at a different online store we found an elegant candelabra chandelier with pineapple made by Quoizel lighting. This pineapple motif chandelier featured 3 glass pineapples and sported a lovely silver finish. Measurements: 27" h x 29" d.

Popular tropical elements and materials include wicker, bamboo and rattan. Pineapples and other popular tropical motifs bring this look to life!

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