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Table oil lamps - Searching for some authentic lamp gems!

Once upon a time in the history of home lighting, table oil lamps resided on the night table and kitchen table. It wasn't until Thomas Edison improved the light bulb in the late 1800's that the move away from table oil lamp fixtures would begin.

Finding an oily lamp treasure

If you're looking to find authentic oil table lamps from the late 1800's online you're in luck! After reviewing several oil lamps, we found:

  • 1880's hand painted oil lamp with matching shade. Appears to be cherry blossom pattern in overall good condition
  • Beautiful flower and leaf form miniature lamp in pink, green and white in excellent condition
  • A period tin whale fixture with double tube burner, in good condition with old finish
  • A depression pink lamp with original burner & chimney, in good condition
  • A pair of cameo faced spelter table oil lamps - about 1860's. Very unusual
  • Apple sauce lamp listed in Thuro's Oil Lamps and has no damage. Dated 7/25/1882

And that's just our hunting to find great period pieces. We found most of the lamps mentioned to be priced between $150 to $395; with the exception of the Apple sauce one priced around $1495.

For more information about vintage table lamps, please click on the link.

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