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Step lights - Safety lighting is a must!

One of the main objectives of step lights and deck lights is to add safety and security to your outdoor steps and staircases. Brands like Hadco, Focus and many other quality lighting manufacturers make step light fixtures for patio and deck areas and there are several decorative options to choose from. Materials such as stamped aluminum, cast aluminum, and unfinished copper/brass options include all weather resistance as well as providing attractive outdoor lighting fixtures.

Types and styles of step lighting fixtures

Styles of step fixture lights can include: face plates with back boxes designed to be installed flush into step and brick surfaces. These can be commercial step fixtures that are long rectangular or square in shape. Other light fixture shapes are round and fan- shaped, with an attractive dimension, differing a little from the completely flat stair fixtures first mentioned.

You can find a variety of step lighting fixtures, both for 12volt low voltage landscape lighting systems and regular 120 volt systems as well, online. For low voltage stair lights, run cables along or under the existing structure to reduce clutter. Consider placing fixtures under benches for a clean, inconspicuous look. All changes in elevation in the landscape, deck, steps, terraces and edges should be illuminated for safety.

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