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Pool table lamps - go designer decorative!

The fixture that you use to supply lighting over the billiard table can be as decorative as the rest of the furnishings in the home. To meet the demand of designer pool table lamps, distinguished manufacturers such as Kichler, Sea Gull, and Framburg design island/pool lights for this niche.

Pool lamps are typically pendant light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, providing illumination to the billiard table below. Designer billiard lamps include art glass Tiffany style fixtures that not only cast a glow of task lighting to the table below, but also provide colorful and decorative lighting for enhancing room décor.

You can buy pool table lighting online or locally with a selection of styles: contemporary, arts and crafts, rustic, traditional and more to complement home décor. Kichler lighting, for example, designs several island/pool fixtures; two that we reviewed contained Tiffany copper foil lamp shades. However, the difference with the lamp pendants was that one contained a brass bar with 2 distinct lamp shade fixtures and the other was a fully designed Tiffany style lamp shade containing 3 lights for strong illumination.

For a good selection of billiard lighting, look online.

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