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Murray Feiss - Buy all types of home lighting, indoor and outdoor, and bring home quality!

Murray Feiss - Buy all types of home lighting, indoor and outdoor, and bring home quality!

Murray Feiss

The Murray Feiss collection of lighting for home decorating incorporates quality and style with honest value. The Feiss company began 50 years ago through immigrant mother, Rose, creating a cottage industry of hand making lampshades to pass the time while her son Murray Feiss was in the navy. Upon Murray Feiss' return, he joined the business, and began expanding the lamp shade business to include portable lighting for home decor.

Murray Feiss Lighting creates host value fixtures made with impeccable craftsmanship

Today headquartered in the Bronx NY, Murray Feiss Lighting is creating chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, bathroom light fixtures, lamps, pendant lights and more, and murray feiss is known for producing quality light fixtures that use impeccable craftsmanship, and innovative design. Murray Feiss lighting includes many styles from traditional to rustic lighting and uses a wide range of materials: wrought iron, alabaster, brass, crystal and finishes to create beautifully inspired lighting. You can shop online for Murray Feiss light fixtures and save money with discount lighting prices and often free shipping.

  • Murray Feiss chandeliers
  • Murray Feiss table lamps
  • Murray Feiss floor lamps
  • Murray Feiss outdoor lighting
  • Murray Feiss torchiers
  • Murray Feiss ceiling fixtures

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