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decorative hurricane lighting

Hurricane table lamps - Electric for Victorian decor

As a decorative accent the Victorian hurricane table lamps reflects a time gone by. These lamps, originally oil table lamps, served as home lighting. Today, you can shop for a hurricane lamp electrically powered with a bulb instead of wick.

Victorian table lamps

To find one, take a look online. These small lighting fixtures don't typically cost a lot, unless you're looking for a special hurricane table lamp antique. The general amount is around $75 to $100 for a basic brass table lamp with green glass shade. We recently shopped for a hurricane light polished and lacquered with a green glass shade that measured 15" high.

Hurricane Lamps from Amazon

Priced from: $59.99

Charming and small, a decorative hurricane lamp makes a nice accent on a side table or desk. Hurricane Victorian style table lamps are also nice on a night stand next to the bed for evening reading.

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