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Hanging Tiffany lamps - What's in a name?

Hanging Tiffany lamps come with many different names: Tiffany chandeliers, island lights, pool lamps, and pendants. But the truth is, with these different hanging lamp names come differing lighting needs.

For example a small tiffany pendant or mini chandelier, while these go well in intimate spaces such as a powder room or small nook area, these hanging lights would look awkward over a kitchen island. Or would they? According to lighting trends, grouping small and mini pendants together creates a wonderful effect. And of course with stained glass hanging tiffany lamp shades aglow the effect can be astounding.

Another hanging lamp is the chandelier, and with Tiffany this sort of lamp receives some of the finest reproduction shades, along with the table lamps, okay all the lamp shades stand out! But, what you get with the chandelier also is a variety of styles such as mission, craftsman, art deco and Victorian.

Popular motifs - daffodil and garden irises decorate hanging chandeliers, as does the geometric linear form of simple arts and crafts Tiffany lighting.

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