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Halogen floor lamps - Bright high quality light!

One of the most popular type of floor lamps in home decorating, halogen floor lamps offer bright high quality light. It also is a great source of illumination where presice light source focusing is needed.

Priced from: $48.80

With the many styles available halogen torchieres are a common site in many homes with floor lamps. Inexpensive compared to other choices, you can find a halogen floor lamp for as little as $19.

While this price may seem like a bargain for the teen bedroom or as a dorm floor lamp, it seems almost so cheap you wonder, what is the downside? And for energy conservation there is definitely a downside, as well as the amount of money that will be reflected in your utilities bill perhaps. For the most efficient lighting, fluorescent lighting is the best. The least efficient is the good old incandescent bulb.

Apart from energy efficiency there is also the slight hazard of fire. While not an everyday threat to most homeowner, halogen floor lamp fixtures can get dangerously hot and caution should be taken to see to it that the fixture is not near anything that can set fire, like drapes or curtains.

For the popularity of halogen, floor lamps in particular, a room with poor lighting can be transformed with the addition of a halogen floor fixture. Buying online, you can choose from a number of brands and compare prices. From torchieres to regular floor lamps, halogen is synonymous with bright lighting. Fortunately, to soften the mood, most fixtures include a handy dimmer switch!

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