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Dale Tiffany Lamps - Buy from the Limited Edition Series

If you are looking to collect stained glass art lighting, take a look at Dale Tiffany Lamps, in particular the limited edition series online. While these Tiffany lamps tend to be table lamps instead of floor lamps, you can buy some of the most sought after and popular themes from nature that Tiffany lighting is known for.

The limited edition series features several Dale Tiffany lamp fixtures. The Dragonfly Dale Tiffany limited edition table lamp costs twice the amount of the traditional Dale Tiffany Dragonfly lamp. However, the Limited edition series features only 1,000 pieces ever created. The Dragonfly lamp comes with a stamped series plate and certificate of authenticity.

In addition, Dale Tiffany's Limited edition series includes the popular Tiffany Wisteria lamp. Only 2,000 pieces were created.

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