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Cordless table lamps - Better than candles!

If you think about it enjoying dinner by candle light and perhaps a little extra illumination makes the dining experience more memorable and special. The downside of candles and paraffin is that there is a constant need to replace and the wax can create quite a mess. Cordless table lamps, however, can provide similar soft lighting effects, without the mess.

Cordless Lamps on Amazon

Priced from: $19.99

While gaining popularity with restaurants and such, cordless table lamp fixtures are just beginning to catch on with the home furnishing and home lighting market. With so many advantages: rechargeable batteries, and dimming switch options portable cordless lamps make a nice table lamp alterative; at least for the right situation.

Cordless anything just means that there is one less cord to trip over. This can be useful in settings where a cord cannot easily be extended to the lamp and or there is no electric outlet nearby.

These fixtures typically operate on low voltage 12volts and often are halogen lamps. With a decorative form, a cord free table lamp is a must for many of us. If you are interested in buying one, get started looking online, the Internet is a great source for specialty products. You can find mood lights and faux mood light candles all wrapped under the headline cordless!

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