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Contemporary floor lamps - functional modern lighting!

There are several types of floor lamps designed to provide decorative and task lighting to your home. Any room is fair game for adding a floor lamp, and matching contemporary floor lamps to modern home décor gives way to many light choices. From torchieres that provide wonderful uplighting to lampshades that cast useful light downward.

To begin your search for the perfect contemporary floor lamp, take a look online. With lighting manufacturers such as Holtkotter, Kenroy and Lite Source, shopping for a both a quality brand and modern lamp should be no problem. Consider first how the lamp will be used:

  • To provide additional light to the room?
  • To provide decorative or accent lighting?
  • To serve as a reading lamp?

You can of course buy a multifunctional lamp: for example, buy one that combines a gooseneck light or swivel arm for reading, with say a halogen torchiere for general illumination. Or, you can buy a reading lamp with a lampshade swivel arm for greater flexibility. For adding a lot of light to the room, Halogen floor lamps are useful. Dimmer switches are common features on contemporary fixtures, allowing you to control the amount of light.

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