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Bollards - Versatile outdoor lighting fixtures!

Sometimes referred to as street furniture bollards when used to prevent movement of vehicles onto grass and sidewalks, these same post structures are also quite popularly used for outdoor lighting. Bollard light fixtures can be made from many different materials including: plastic, steel and extruded aluminum. Generally set at intervals to delineate an area, residential and commercial short post bollards can be both highly functional for security lighting as well as being decorative.

Bollard lights: residential and commercial illumination

For residential use, bollard post fixtures come in a variety of sizes for various lighting needs and uses. One use is bollard address numbers that light at night and let visitors know which house number is yours. Shorter versions with lighting that illuminates from attractive grill bands is an popular decorative fixture style.

Looking much like rounded rockets or rounded posts, bollards can be used for pathway lighting and well incorporated into the overall landscape lighting plan. Used as spread lights, bollards can be used to light a symmetrical area to highlight plants and low shrubbery.

Bollards can also be used as security lights for commercial use or exterior home lighting. To accommodate the various niches where bollard lamp fixtures can be used there are a number of manufacturers producing these lights. From designer landscape lighting manufacturers such as Focus, Hadco, Arroyo Craftsman and more, to specialty manufacturers such as URBACO designing retractable bollards with exceptional resistance to impact and high durability. Flexible and simple to use, the bollards can be incorporated in complete and sustained security systems.

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