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Animal lamps - For adults and children!

It's not unusual to want decorative furnishings to represent what each of us cherishes most of all. For an animal lover, including particular animal lamps: equestrian, dolphin or elephant lamp, adds to the sense of what captures our passion. With a range of animal themed fixtures to choose from, you can shop for something simple and budgetary to grandiose and elegant!

One of my favorites is a bronze equestrian animal lamp. But you can also find stained glass turtle and dolphin lamps.

Animal Lamps
available from Amazon
for both children and adults

Kids lamps

For children, a collection of animal figure lamps from Night Time Buddy made of kumo paper, when illuminated, emit a soft, colorful glow. These novelty lamps feature a metal frame, six foot cord and take a 25 watt candelabra bulb. Take a look at animals: Catie and Cleo the cat, Cosmo the cow, Dora the Duck, Ernie the elephant, and more. What's nice about these animal fixtures is that they are just the right size for your child's room. In addition, if you're child is afraid of the dark these illuminating animal friends will brighten up any dark, scary corner.

And, many other animal themed lamps for kids are available: from wooden lamps to chandeliers. To shop, take a look online for the best selection.

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