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Fake antler chandeliers - a must for rustic lighting, cabins and western style homes

Antler Chandelier - A Must for Rustic Lighting, Cabins and Western Style Homes

Antler Chandeliers

When living in a rustic setting, hanging an antler chandelier can add a captivating touch. In many parts of the country,

especially areas of Western States like Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and California, antler lighting is popular and very sought after. Antler chandeliers in particular, can be wonderful focal points, especially because the antlers are arranged in organic, sculptural ways that when viewed from beneath, or from afar are, very impressive.

Where to buy Antler Chandeliers and Antler Lighting

We recommend Amazon for a diverse and well priced selection of antler chandeliers and antler lighting. Examples of what Amazon offers:

Mule Deer Antler Chandeliers

- find a variety of real and faux antler chandeliers

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Monte Carlo 4-Light Antler Light Kit

Dual mount 4-light antler light kit with Weathered iron finish, uses 4 x 60 watt incandescent candelabra bulbs. Fan or chandelier mount, includes 3-Ftchain and canopy kit. Coordinates with the Great Lodge ceiling fan. Consider the design possibilities with open room floor plans; ceiling fan with light kit in one room, same style light kit, now hanging as a mini-chandelier in breakfast nook over table or over a large center island.


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Your Fixture Options:

While you can purchase an authentic antler chandelier, (with true Deer, Elk or Moose antlers) reproduction antler chandeliers are another option and can be bought for a fraction of he cost.

To make a reproduction, molds are made from real antlers and then cast and individually hand finished to achieve the authentic look of natural antlers. A benefit to buying a fake antler chandelier, besides cost saving is that these pendants tend to be lighter in weight without sacrificing sturdiness.

But what if you want to buy an authentic antler fixture, do you need to worry about harming a deer or moose to get one? Absolutely not! In fact, these animals shed their antlers annually and are collected by what's called "antler shed hunters". Some collect antlers for their own trophies looking for a matching pair, while others resell them for about $10 per pound. For example, animals bigger than a deer, like Moose and Elk, have heavy antlers that can weigh 15 pounds or more.

Antler Lighting is the Perfect Fit for:

You can Find any one of these:

  • Elk antler chandeliers
  • Deer antler chandelier
  • Handcrafted antler chandeliers
  • Moose antler chandelier
  • Mule deer antler chandeliers
  • White tail deer antler chandeliers

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