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wagon wheel chandeliers

Wagon Wheel Chandeliers - Great Light Fixtures for Rustic and Country Inspired Interiors!

Wagon Wheel Chandeliers - Great for rustic and country inspired interiors wagon wheel style chandeliers can make quite a statement. If not a focal point hanging over the dining room table, a wagon wheel chandelier goes great in the living room and other social areas of the home. You can buy an authentic, true to the days of the old wild west wagon wheel fixtures, or purchase a wagon wheel light fixture reproduction. If you have the money and enjoy history and antiques, an authentic wagon wheel hanging chandelier might be for you. However, for the more affordable chandelier fixture option; stick with the wagon wheel reproduction: these fixtures sell for around $300 to $600. Authentic wagon wheel fixtures will cost you 4- times the money!

Wagon wheel reproduction and authentic chandeliers

If you are looking to buy a wagon wheel chandelier you have several options: you can hunt the local antique stores of the wild west, or you can place your order online. If you don't live in frontier country, obtaining a wagon wheel rustic chandelier might prove a difficult feat. The internet gives you a better opportunity to shop around and locate just the right wagon wheel rustic chandelier for your house.

Wagon Wheel pendant lights: reproduction

Wagon wheel reproduction chandeliers are typically made from a lightweight material such as medium density polyethylene. This material is very durable. Also, wagon wheel reproduction chandeliers can be bought: up lights or down lights. The wheel color may be a weathered gray with dark brown metal surface. Your reproduction wagon wheel pendant should include: chain, globe or hurricane lights, and the light fixture.

Wagon wheel pendant lights: authentic

These are made from true antique wagon wheels. While 4-times more expensive, you will gain a true haunt from the past and will have quite a wagon wheel conversation piece any time a guest enters the room. Similar to the wagon wheel faux chandeliers above, you can buy a wagon wheel true chandelier with up lights and down lights.

Good luck!

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