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Under cabinet lighting - Which lights to buy?

Under cabinet lighting may not sound like the greatest lighting idea, but once you see the impact these lights make you're opinion will surely change.

Where does it go? It can go wherever you want: under, above and within cabinets, as well add drama by illuminating your home's structural details.

Illuminate beneath or above cabinets

To get familiar with these linear lights take a look at Kichler. Known for producing every type of light fixture, Kichler makes a versatile selection of beneath cabinetry lighting.

You can purchase a starter kit, which includes a fixture, lamp and interconnect. The system is easy and safe to install and can be bought online: a 13 inch extension length will run around $75; and a 22 inch will cost around $90 online.

You can use a stand alone cupboard fixture or assemble an interconnected system. For continuous cabinetry lighting, go for continuous mounting of fixture to fixture connections. You can hard-wire or plug the lights into the wall.

Another brand to check out is Progress lighting.

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