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colonial lighting

Tin punched lighting - early American light fixtures for your home

Tin punched lighting - Buying a reproduction early American tin punched light fixture reproduced by a tinsmith may sound decadent, but isn't that the way simple tin punched lanterns and fixtures were originally crafted. If you are looking to buy a tin pierced fixture for your home, you have two choices: look for handcrafted tin pierced lamps or mass marketed punched tin lighting.

The difference is that you will pay more for the tin fixture employing hand craftsmanship than you will for the mass marketed tin light fixture. That said tin pierced lighting which includes chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps and lanterns is not a hot trend in home lighting, but a specialized niche for those interested in complementing the fixture with the style of the house such as farmhouse and colonial. If you need a special tin pierced lighting fixture for your home try visiting barnhouselighting.com and other sites that can work with you to create your lighting.

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