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Tiffany Wisteria Lamps - Who Makes the Best!

Tiffany Wisteria Lamps are pretty much the most popular of all Tiffany style lamps. Illuminated with the pendulous beauty of the lavender wisteria flower, the Wisteria lamp evokes nature, and captures the essence of stained glass lighting, best of all.

You can shop and buy a Tiffany Wisteria Lamp online, spending several hundred dollars. Lighting designers such as:

  • Kichler
  • Meyda Tiffany
  • Dale Tiffany
  • Quoizel

reproduce Tiffany lighting and make some of the best reproductions around. To buy, compare the lamps of these designers: Take a look at the lamp shades and quality of craftsmanship.

Note: These lampshades (brands mentioned) are crafted using the copper foil technique (same technique Louis Comfort Tiffany used over 100 years ago when making the original Tiffany Wsteria Lamp.

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