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Tiffany table lamps offer affordable stained glass lighting

Finding a Tiffany style lamp online offers variety in both brand and style. Reproduction table lamps share the same decorative beauty and colorful glow as original art nouveau and arts and crafts style Tiffany fixtures. You will find reproduction stained glass lighting at affordable prices, especially when compared to an original Louis C. Tiffany lamp, costing as much or more than your college tuition! And perhaps this is why people are still drawn to these fixtures, 100 years later.

Lampshade: choosing the style that's right for you

Of course, individual preference is the most important factor in deciding which Tiffany table lamp is best suited to your home décor. Popular Laburnum or Wisteria lamps can decorate a side or desk table with a beautiful florally painted lampshade. The paint is actually individual pieces of colored art glass held together by copper foiling. These lamps offer lovely accent lighting, whether illuminated or not. When considering tiffany floral lampshades know there are many to choose from including: iris and daffodil.

Another very popular style is the geometric Arts and Crafts/Mission floor and table lamps. While not limited to just lamps: geometric and floral glass style lampshades can be found in pendants, chandeliers, sconces, outdoor lighting and other home lighting fixtures. But back to geometric style table lamps: Dale Tiffany, Kichler, Meyda Tiffany, Quoizel and more design exquisite lamps representing these styles.

Best advice when shopping onlne: look around and compare prices and brands, while looking closely at the photos to distinguish the quality of the lampshades and bases.

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