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Modern Tech Lighting in Monorail and Pendants

In countless commercial and residential spaces fresh architectural lighting design gives way to illuminating decoration. The company, Tech Lighting, manufactures some of the finest track and suspension lighting around. Founder, Gregory Kaye, brought to life in 1983, a lighting company that would go ahead and win design awards like the 1999 Best New Product Design for Symphony, a fixture that has thirteen hand-bendable rods, each tipped with a frost-white cylinders. The classic monorail kit system for track, cable and suspension lighting is also a Tech Lighting innovation.

Fast forward, decades later, and Tech Lighting is still on the light charts for its track, cable, and pendant light systems. Moreover, stunning glass fixtures and shades make up some remarkable pieces. These fixtures don't come cheap, however. In the range of around $200 to $400 for each colored glass fixture, these lighting systems can add up. (But don't miss the patterned Murano glass Firebird Monorail Pendant.)

As with many Tech Lighting fixtures, they are a part of a whole look. You can design your own monorail lighting kit, and accessories will include parts like a transformer, monorail kit (extender and drop kit options) and desired fixtures.

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