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Teacup chandelier - A fun themed light for the baby or kid's bedroom!

Teacup chandelier - Going as far to say that kids, especially little girls love to throw a tea party is an understatement! My 5-year old niece had teacups and a tea pot ready to go (with water from the bathroom fawcett) as soon as I walked in the door. With the theme of a girly tea party, a pink themed teacup light fixture hung from the ceiling, lighting up the room. I couldn't possibly have imagined how cute a tea cup inspired chandelier could be for a kid's room, but it certainly worked, and Tasha adores it. I asked Tasha where the teacup fixture came from, and she shrugged. Did you make it yourself I asked? She could have I suppose with some help.

The teacup light features 5 hand painted ceramic tea cups atop saucers which surround a small tea pot in the center. The chandelier tea cups are dressed in pink gingham bows. There is a pink cord cover and 5" linen chandelier shades trimmed with delicate blue crochet. So adorable I just had to ask my sister Kim where the teapot/ teacup light fixture came from. She told me she bought it online for under $500 from a retailer that sells gifts for kids and babies. When I asked her whether or not her son Beck would enjoy a tea themed chandelier as much as Tasha, she told me that the store's other tea cup pendant was blue. I guess that answered my question: tea pot and teacup chandeliers are great lights for boys bedrooms also. What about a backyard playhouse for the kids, I thought? Wouldn't a tea pendant look great hanging from the ceiling.

Great children's chandeliers

If you're looking for a nice baby gift take a look online; the tea cup is certainly one to consider. And if your feeling creative, you might try making your own.

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