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A Swarovski crystal chandelier- you deserve the best!

A Swarovski crystal chandelier- you deserve the best!

Choose a Swarovski crystal chandelier when you are looking for the best quality crystal chandelier in the world. The company, Swarovski, produces the best quality crystal components which top-notch lighting designers & manufacturers include to create the chandelier's crystal trim.

A Swarovski crystal chandelier

will have one of two types of crystal included in its trim:

  • Strass Crystal
  • Spectra Crystal.

A Swarovski chandelier that includes Strass Crystal means that the lighting manufacturer chose one or several kinds of strass crystal (there are over 1000 Strass Crystals to choose from in variety of shapes color and sizes).

A swarovski chandelier with Spectra Crystal provides a high degree of brilliance at an attractive price. This crystal is just like Strass but without the optical coating.

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