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Solar Spot Lights - LED Bulbs Make these Flood Lights Bright!

Many of the solar spot lights on the market today are sold as individual spot lights. Fixtures will typically include an adjustable head and small solar panel, that sits on top.

What's nice about this design is that because the solar panel and fixture are one unit, there are no wires to bury or hide.

To achieve a bright floodlight effect, a solar powered spotlight contains several LED Bulbs (light emitting diode), sometimes 7 or 8 LED's per lamp. For power, the solar panel; along with replaceable and rechargeable batteries, (usually NI-MH) are included.

Another option is to buy a set of spot lights, and brands like Malibu and Smart Solar are good manufacturers to consider. Malibu, for instance, makes a set of 3 solar lamps that operates by using a remote solar panel. Just like other typical flood lights, these are designed for strong flood light illumination and are great if you don't have electricity nearby. Buying several flood lights in a kit versus buying each lamp separately is a good idea if you have ground to cover and you want to save money. Many lamps come with stakes or have mounting options for you to place them where you want.

How Does a Solar Spot Light Work?

Similar to other solar powered lights in your garden, the solar energy panel, with the light from the sun, powers and charges the battery. Then at night, a photoreceptor detects that it is dark and activates the battery whereby the light is switched and turned on. In a lot of solar lights, you can manually switch the light off, if you don't want it on.

Places to Use on your Property

An advantage to using solar lights is definitely that it can save you money, but this is not the only reason, especially if you have a big property and electricity is not available in many areas. For those homeowners who have structures, features and paths distant from a GFI outlet, using solar spotlights to highlight and illuminate, is a great alternative. These fixtures are a very good substitute for low voltage spot lighting so place them to accent as you would a fountain, statue, garden structure, arbor, or trees and shrubs in your landscape.

Looking for Something Different?

Solar Smart makes a fun LED Spotlight that contains 8-green-colored LED bulbs which is great for landscape use, or placed in a pot in your yard.

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