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Schonbek Geometrix: Unrivaled architectural crystal fixtures!

It seems like the time has come for crystal lighting to reach a new level of style and beauty. Schobeck Geometrix is a great example of what to look forward to. This lighting line by Schonbek marries the beauty of crystal with architectural detailing that is exquisite and delicate, like finding a treasure. The name Geometrix is suitable to this lighting collection as a range of architectural light fixtures, including: chandeliers, sconces, pendants, track lights and spot lights, are designed in geometrical shapes. You will find cylinders, rectangles, pyramids, spheres and spirals. And, these lighting fixtures are formed entirely of crystals.

Colorful crystal fixtures

Where does the crystal come from in a Schonbek Geometrix? Strass of Swarovski (the best!). I think that it is high time that modern light pieces be designed in crystal. If you like the look of colored glass or just clear, Shonbek's Geometrix is worth checking out.

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