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Shop for pool table lighting online with Kichler lighting and other popular manufacturers

Shop for pool table lighting online with Kichler lighting and other popular manufacturers

You can shop for pool table lighting online and buy a light fixture from your favorite lighting designers. The convenience of the internet allows you to search for just the right light fixture for your pool table; one that you can enjoy during your most competitive pool playing moments.

Some pool table light fixture designers we like are:

Kichler Lighting
Meyda Tiffany
Sea Gull Lighting
Framburg Lighting

The many styles of pool table light fixtures

You can find just about any style pool room fixtures to match the ambiance and decor. Pendant antler lighting for pool tables go great in rustic lodges and country cabins. There are many sizes available, but generally, you will be looking for hanging light fixtures that produce light along a horizontal for good task lighting and coverage.

Other styles of pool table light fixtures include the great stained glass Meyda Tiffany pendant lamps. This collection offers a generous range in pendant lighting for pool tables. Kichler lighting makes craftsman style, copper foil stained glass fixtures for pool tables that complement craftsman and art deco style pool room interiors.

For vintage and contemporary pool table light fixtures take a look at Sea Gull lighting and Framburg lighting. These fixtures are sure to make your pool table and pool room stand out.

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