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Parisian lamps - You don't need to go to France to buy!

Having just come from Paris, I will tell you that there is absolutely no shortage of Parisian lamps. In bohemian Montmartre, small studios exist where independent artisans produce wonderful Parisian fixtures with fabric lamp shades, paper and beads. I spoke with one Parisian lamp shop owner, asking if I could buy one of her shades online. She said that to date, no website exists. Probably because she has no time, after all she had 20 orders to put together by Christmas Day (that was less than 3 weeks away).

However, although she offered me bubble wrap to transport home one of her lovely hand crafted Paris style fixtures, I declined. I decided that I would pursuit one online, because traveling home with a floor or table lamp can be trying.

Anyhow, if you too are looking for Parisian style fixtures, take a look at Quoizel. This lighting manufacturer happens to have a Parisian collection featuring a 72" torchiere as well as a floor and table lamp. The fixtures in this collection include beautiful metalwork finished in gold. The shades are in fabric or amber glass.

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