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4 components of a low voltage landscape lighting system

Low voltage landscape lighting components

Lamps and Fixtures - lamps are what we think of as "light bulbs" fixtures are the housing component for the lamp. You can buy lamps and fixtures separately when designing your lighting system or choose fixtures that come with lamps. In your outdoor lighting design you will want to consider the overall lamp wattage used, this will help you to determine which power console is appropriate for your system. Used for area, path, safety and security lighting.

Power Console (transformer) - You will buy a console by determining the total wattage used in your system. Select a transformer that has a higher wattage capacity than the total watts. This will allow you flexibility to add more lighting fixtures over time.

Mounting method - How you mount your fixtures will depend largely upon where they are located: trees, deck, in ground. Mounting components include: wall plates, stakes and canopies.

Cable - You will need to determine which gauge cable is needed for your low voltage landscape system; this is determined by cable length.

For more information about low voltage outdoor lighting, please click on the link.

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