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Getting your lighting needs met one light fixture at a time

Getting your lighting needs met one light fixture at a time

Getting the right lighting set up in your home is equally important to choosing the right furniture for your home. Without the right lighting, simple tasks such as cooking and reading or walking down the stairs or hall can become dangerous and impossible.

Consider lighting to provide the two most important functions. 1. Provide visual light so that you can see (task & general lighting); 2. Provide accent lighting, so that you are able to highlight features in your home such as artwork hanging on the walls.

Accent lighting is great at enhancing any room in your home as well as highlighting your home's architecture.

If you have a decorative chandelier hanging in your foyer, consider using matching wall brackets or sconces for accent lighting with that fixture.

You can also include accent lighting to accompany your dining room chandelier. Add recessed fixtures aimed on the table and chandelier to help provide additional light on the table.

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