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Two ways you can approach home lighting design

Two ways you can approach home lighting design

There are two ways you can approach home lighting design. The first is, to hire a lighting designer who will work with you as you need. The second is, to make your own lighting design plan. If you are involved in a big remodel project you will probably be better off to hire a lighting designer with experience, and, one whom you communicate well with.

How to find the right person for your home lighting and design plan?

  • At trade shows
  • Through your home architect
  • Through lighting retailers, do they have lighting personnel working for the light store?

A good lighting consultant/designer should be able to work with you and get your home lighting needs met. But, remember to ask questions before you hire. Find out about the lighting consultant/designer's projects. Can he/she work within your budget? If the scope of the project is large, ask if the he/she will be able to work with your interior decorator, electrician and such. Will he/she be available to assist the electrician should it be necessary?

How much money does it cost to hire someone for home lighting and design services?

If you choose to work with retail light designers, you will probably only be paying for the lighting fixtures with no design fee. However, should you work with an independent lighting consultant/designer be aware that rates will vary depending on the time spent, services provided, light project size, and level of the lighting project's detail. Ask costs before the project begins.

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