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For a floral Tiffany chandelier look at Meyda Tiffany's exquisite reproductions

For a floral Tiffany chandelier look at Meyda Tiffany's exquisite reproductions

If you are interested in purchasing a floral tiffany chandelier for your home we recommend taking a look at the Meyda Tiffany collection. With so much interest in stained glass lighting and art nouveaux design-- reproduction floral Tiffany chandeliers are around with spectacular choices available.

Tiffany floral chandeliers

The reproduction floral Tiffany chandeliers by Meyda Tiffany use the special copper foil technique exactly like that used by Louis Comfort Tiffany at the turn of the century.

These floral Tiffany chandeliers offer outstanding quality with a beauty that is rich and unique. The stained glass is so magical and strongly designed with rich colors including beautiful flowers that it is nearly impossible to choose your favorite one!

This Nouveau lighting is great for many home styles including: Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Mission and Rustic. Selection of Tiffany floral chandeliers include: Roses, Lilies, Lotus as well as the popular Tiffany garden iris chandelier, Tiffany daffodil chandelier & other floral patterns.

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