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fake antler chandeliers offer a rustic and country feel

Fake antler chandeliers offer a rustic and country feel

Fake antler chandeliers offer a rustic feel to any country home. Your preference of any type of antlers including deer antler chandeliers, elk antler chandeliers, handcrafted antler chandelier or moose antler chandeliers are bound to beautifully accent any home decorated in a country or western style.

Most reproduced chandeliers are available at a significantly lower price than real antler chandeliers. Not only is it difficult to tell the difference between a reproduction and a real set of antlers, everyone can afford this type of wildlife art in all its beauty.

There are number of things to consider when you choose your antler fixture. First, not all manufacturers make sure the hardware, wires and other fasteners are invisible. You will want a smooth, natural look so be aware of what to look for. Decide beforehand how many fixtures you would like your chandelier to have. Six is average, but you can find other numbers if you prefer them. You will also want to have an idea of how many antlers you want your particular design to have. Also, make sure all chains and hardware come with your chandelier.

Decorating and celebrating our Western heritage with this kind of art is increasing in popularity and there are a large number of manufacturers to choose from. Do your homework and enjoy the natural look of your new chandelier.

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