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Desk Lamps Review

If you are looking to buy a desk lamp there are a number of choices available. The most popular tend to be the adjustable arm gooseneck lamps or swivel lamps which offer great flexibility and control. Lamp types run the gamut and include: full spectrum, halogen, Led and flourescent - with Halogen and Led being most popular. Desk Lamps made with brass and glass rank high on the list of favorites, as do desired styles which include: art deco, contemporary and Tiffany.

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Desk Lamps: What's Around?

Magnifier - In general, magnifying desk lights are designed for precision work and put shadow-free lighting around a certain diameter of area using a power lens to see small parts and fine details. Reaches vary from 40" to 45." This type of desk light is a great for craftsmen, hobbyists, mechanics and jewelers. Bulb types include: halogen, flourescent and incandescent.

1. Lighted Desk Magnifying Lamp with Clamp
2. Grandrich ML- 250 WHT heavy duty flouresent Magnifier Light

Swing arm Clamp on - Look for quality designed lamps that will swivel nicely and can clamp securely to the corner of your table or desk. Reaches vary. Useful for architect and computer use.

Goose neck and swivel - Adjustable neck. Brands: Electrix and Adesso make nice fixtures. You wiill find halogen, Led and flourescent lamps.

How Much do they Cost?

You can easily buy an inexpensive desk lamp and pay under $25. Not a bad idea if you're a college student or just looking for a desk light that does the job. If you are looking for more style though consider spending between $50 and $100. For an even nicer sleeker design or a designer lamp expect to spend over $100.

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